Mercury’s Affinity Solutions:

Affinity is one of the most prestigious services of Mercury. The aim of our Affinity service is to package all the insurance needs and present them as one product. With this way, the service will be more efficient and huge cost saving chances will appear. This Affinity products, creates loyalty for members, customers and employees of the company. This loyalty becomes a surplus for the company in the long run. These insurance products have side products that are cost free and helps the company increase their brand recognition and due to that provides extra income.

Our Affinity Solutions:

  • Database Marketing (In every program, this service gets created for the company and used by the companies’ sales department)
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Adding Extra Value
  • The basic feature of these products are they are simple and low cost. Which tells they have a huge total benefit.
  • Bill Protection Insurance
  • House first fire Insurance
  • Loan Support Insurance
  • Travel Cancellation Insurance
  • Emergency Health Services
  • Commercial Receivable Insurance
  • Lifestyle Solutions
  • Extended Warranty
  • CPI Solutions
  • CRP Solutions
  • GAP Solutions
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Travel

We also provide project services, currently the weight of the projects mostly on the auto sector:

  • Parallel insurance products for corporate brand
  • Assembling programs like campaign programs.

In addition to these our additional services are:

  • Yearly Marketing Plan
  • Monthly production reports
  • Customer Relations Management
  • Advertisement Management