Reassurance Brokage:

  • Treaty Placement:
  • Treaty Placement is the mandatory agreement between sedan and reassurance firms. Insurance companies, make risk transfers of their policies to Reassurance companies. For Insurance companies to have such agreements strenghten their connections with Reassurance compaines. And as Mercury, for treaty placements, we offer the best clauses for both proportional and unproportional reinsurance.

  • Facultative Placement:
  • As Mercury, for us our international partners’ brand recognition and vision are very crucial due to the fact that they represent global stand. That’s why Mercury only parnters up with Lloyd’s registered international insurance and resinsurance brokers. As a reasult, we took part in many Project with various brokers.

    In any case when an insurance company needs Facultative placements, Mercury with its World-wide network and experienced risk management line up matches the best reinsurance company with the insurance company.

    Because of our resources, we provide all the services from reinsurance to policy. With our strong global network, we reach out to many places in the World to servet he accurate coverages with right prices.